Safety Management

Our Vision

Our People

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cutts exists to always uphold credibility, to provide a superior reliable service to customers, resulting in the team acheiving career and job satisfaction in a safe and fun environment.

Our local team is able to draw upon a wealth of knowledge from industry, the retail sector and small business knowledge, experience, insight and relationships in order to produce successful outcomes of all consignments and assignments. We use these networks to grow our awareness on all aspects associated with the delivery of quality service.

The team has developed and maintained extensive networks over many decades. These networks have been formed through successful customer and business relationships.

Safety is always our number 1 priority. We are strongly committed to occupational health and safety both for our own people and on behalf of our customers. We aim to assist our customers in meeting their obligations to establish and maintain "zero harm" operations where incidents or injuries do not occur. We promote open communication and transparency and recognise that OH & S management is an integral part of our business and that of our customers.

Our success story is underpinned by our commitment to our organisational values and the importance we place on living and breathing these values everyday.

At Cutts we behave in accordance with our corporate values and always seek to further enhance our established market edge in the areas of:


  • Customer service

  • Operational excellence

  • Safety performance

  • Innovation

  • Building long term relationships

​As a core company value we are comitted to contributing to the social and economic well being of the communities we operate through sponsorships, donations and the environment as a whole.