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Midland Brick

Midland Brick has been a fixture in Western Australia and the Perth area for over 60 years.

Our position on the boundary at Subiaco is well known by West Coast Eagles and AFL TV viewing fans across Australia.

To view the full Midland Brick range, please visit midlandbrick.com.au.


Colour and texture are two of the most important elements that help determine the look of your home. How exciting then, to learn that with Midland Brick face bricks you have one of the widest ranges to select from.

With a rich palette of colours, textures, sizes and styles in both clay and masonry bricks, it's easy to appreciate why Midland Brick face bricks are so naturally beautiful.


NOW AVAILABLE Premium Sealers designed for the professionals, to be used by anyone.

Whether it's a contemporary home, farm homestead, or your very first house or renovation project, Midland Brick bricks and paving has the style to bring your dream to life.

Explore our collection and you'll find not only Western Australia's most innovative brick range, but also discover pavers and retaining walls to complete your project.

Cutts are very proud to be sales agents for Midland Brick brick and pavers. We have a large and up to date display at our Manjimup office.

Browse through our collection of Midland Brick bricks and pavers to find your perfect style.


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